Chewing Gums

Chewable snack


Chewing snacks are generally made to be chewed for a time and then removed from the mouth to be disposed of (some are made to be eaten such as aroma gums).

The basic varieties are just flavored snacks although sometimes people find uses for the used sticky substance. A packet of 15 chewables in common flavors is 1 credits and available in a wide variety of flavors (herb, fruit, and spice flavors). Generally they are named for the flavor (Firespice, Caf, Plasmaberry, etc.)

Specialty gums at 5 credits per packet. The gums come in a variety of flavors and colors (luminence gum retains the color for the glowing effect);
Luminence Gum: makes mouth glow (generally for a minute after first chewed)
Fugu Gum: causes numbness in the mouth
Ion Gum: causes tingling in the mouth

Exotic gums are loaded with enough chemical or narcotic to cause some noticeable effect on the user.

Chem Gums come in the full range of flavors, colors, and smells of common gums, but also have extra effects. The least expensive exotics are 15 credits a pack and include;
Chameleon Gum: changes skin color to that of gum (fades in an hour)
Fragrance Gum: user has aroma of gum (noticeable to 2 meters, fades in 1 hour)
Fever Gum: raises body temperature (2 degrees for about an hour)
Silden: causes male sexual aroused state (fades in 1 hour)

Narc Gums also come in the full variety of flavors, colors, and smells. Slightly more potent than Chem Gums the Narc Gums cost 30 credits a pack and include;
Cratomorph Gum: Causes user’s skin to glow color of gum (1 hour)
Sin Gum: Lowers Willpower 1D (1 hour)
Fade Gum: Lowers Perception 1D (1 hour)

Pharma Gums are Spice incorporated into gums. Non-lethal spice gums are 150 credits a pack, lethal spice gums are 300 credits a pack, and an exotic spice gum would be 1,500 credits a pack.


Chewing Gums

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