Camooine - Port Eftychía

Secret Manufacturing Planet


Port Eftychía is a massive underground base featuring numerous factories and full drydock facilities. The Port is accessed via a giant cave large enough to fly a cruiser into. Deep withing the cave network the base is located and the entrance is protected by a planetary ion cannon as well as many smaller turbolaser and blaster emplacements.

Many of those who work in the base live underground while others live in surface farms made to look like the simple primitive farms found on Dantooine (although they use modern vehicles and farming droids). Outside the hidden base there is no spaceport, but a few of the farms have primitive landing fields to offset any suspicion of the activities on the planet.

Port Eftychía produces everything the rebellion might need from food and uniforms and weapons and medicine up to fighters and cruisers (not the full scale dreadnoughts like the Mon-Calamari, but frigates, corvettes, and gunships).

Unlike the Isis base the Camooine base operates as if it were a pirate port, rarely mentioning the rebel affiliation and offering services to those smugglers, pirates, and outlaws who find their way to the port (deliberately or by accident).

Supplies aren’t sent directly to rebel bases, but instead sent off to remote locations where it can be staged and sent on to rebels.


Camooine - Port Eftychía

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