Cal-Boeing - Corporation

Vehicle manufacturer


Formed in 99 BBY by a group of Federated-Boeing engineers and designers who disagreed with the company’s direction, the parting of both groups was amiable, with Federated-Boeing even donating long-empty warehouses on Belladonna to the fledgling start-up which repaid their parent company once they became successful. Cal-Boeing’s first design, the Ferret, rolled off the production line in 91 BBY, securing an AFFS contract for six thousand of the scout VTOL.

Riding the wave of continued high-interest in their iconic VTOL, the company was unprepared for the failure of the combat version of the Ferret called the Wild Weasel in 67 BBY. So stung, Cal-Boeing did not attempt to develop another until the Marten in 21 BBY.


Cal-Boeing - Corporation

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