Bardoc SMG-14 Arbitrator

slug thrower SMG


The Bardoc SMG-14 is made from a reinforced alloy giving it an effective armor rating of 1D if targeted by enemy fire. They are considered extremely accurate and reliable for slugthrowers. The standard weapon comes in a case with extra magazines and a custom silencer made of the same material as the gun.

Class: Light Carbine Rifle
Armor Rating: 1D
Body Rating: 3D
Rate of Fire: 2 shots for every action
Fire Control: 1D to 30 meters (built in laser sights)
Damage: 4d
Ammo Type: 7mm Rifle
Ammo 20
Range 2-30/60/90
Cost: 2,000 credits

Package include gun, 5 magazines (empty), Silencer, and carrying case (Laser is built into gun).


Bardoc SMG-14 Arbitrator

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