Bardoc Mk II Stealth Armor

Mercenary Stealth Armor


Bardoc Mark 2 Stealth Armor
Light Commando Armor
Cost: 5,000 credits
Energy: 2 Pips
Physical: 1D
Penalties: None
Availability: 3 X


The concept behind the Bardoc was to combine the best features of sneak suits, survival suits, and light armor without giving the wearer any significant loss of motion. The suit is sensor absorbent with variable camouflage (2D bonus to hide sneak) and includes breathing filtration (up to 12 hours) and a small air supply (up to 2 hours underwater or in space) as well as a temperature control sleeve (protects from -30 to 100 degrees Celsius). It also has a muffled and scrambled comlink with burst transmission (1 km range, but difficult/20 to detect and heroic/30 to unscramble). The visor includes flash compensation and MFTAS (3D vs darkness and 2D bonus to hit moving targets) as well as zoom lenses (2D bonus to search at over 50 meters).

Bardoc Mk II Stealth Armor

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