Baktoid - Corporation

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Baktoid Industries was a holding corporation that controlled the interests of Baktoid Combat Automata, Baktoid Armor Workshop, and Baktoid Fleet Ordnance during the Clone Wars.

A Baktoid design tended to be heavily armored, with delicate or important components placed in secure, well protected areas near the rear of the craft. Early Baktoid vehicles were rarely manufactured with weapons, but they did possess standard weapons emplacements allowing combat modifications to be made after purchase.

Baktoid Combat Automata was the sister company of Baktoid Armor Workshop, both of which were owned by the Techno Union and contracted with the Trade Federation. Although both companies shared similar origins and boards of directors, the two companies were otherwise totally dissimilar. While Baktoid Armor Workshop was a public company specializing in creating the vehicles and large weapons, Baktoid Combat Automata operated in secret, providing the Trade Federation with illegal droids and smaller blaster weapons for its droid army.

A division of Baktoid Combat Automata, Baktoid Fleet Ordnance was responsible for the production of large, droid-equipped warships for the Confederate Navy during the Clone Wars. The Heavy Missile Platform droid gunship, was developed by Baktoid Fleet Ordnance.

The company was effectively wiped from existence when the Clone Wars ended and the Techno Union was absorbed by the Empire. The company was eventually reformed and became known as Baktoid Industrial Systems.


Baktoid - Corporation

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