Alphard Trading - Corporation

Vehicle and parts manufacturer


Alphard Trading Corporation was originally a single company headquartered in the Free Worlds League. During the 300s BBY ATC underwent a major expansion, forming several new subsidiaries across the Periphery. During the Succession Wars, the main ATC ceased operations, leaving the many subsidiaries to operate independently. Two of these branches were on Alphard and Perdition, but only ATC Perdition survived the Succession Wars. Survival didn’t equate to prosperity however. ATC Perdition only survived because they merged with Pinard Protectorates Limited. The Alphard office was defunct until Johann O’Reilly founded a new company with the same name shortly before he formed the Marian Hegemony. By the time of the Clan Invasion, ATC Alphard had formed a partnership with Kali-Yama Industries and ATC Perdition to produce defense products. The increased sales also allowed ATC Perdition to resume operating as a separate corporation.


Alphard Trading - Corporation

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