Jedi Master


A green-skinned Twi’lek, Vhiin’Thorla studied at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where he befriended fellow student Devan For’deschel. Thorla eventually became a Jedi Master and a skilled duelist, participating in many missions. One of these missions changed his life.

About a year before the Clone Wars sparked, he and his Padawan Kritz Drassarb were sent to investigate a band of pirates in the Mid Rim. After two months, the ruthless organization was dismantled, but at the cost of Kritz’s life. Thorla blamed himself for his student’s death and exiled himself to his homeworld of Ryloth. He sought solitude in the planet’s badlands but soon found a new purpose.

A few months into the Clone Wars, Master Devan sent envoys to Ryloth to invite her old friend to join her at the Almas Academy as the new Master of Lightsabers. When the envoys finally found Thorla, they discovered that he had spent the last year rescuing Twi’lek prisoners from slavers and had formed a community called the Enclave.

Years later he traveled to visit Almas, but it was in ruins. Repulsed by what he discovered, he decided to investigate the fate of his old friend Devan on Almas, taking his 10-year-old Padawan with him. What he found was a demolished academy at the heart of a ghost town. He probed the ruins, winding his way down to the deepest sublevel, where he knew the secured archives were located.

Fate was not on Thorla’s side. Inquisitor Draco and his retinue arrived shortly thereafter, and a fierce lightsaber duel ensued. However, Draco’s Dark Jedi lapdog Raik Muun held Thorla’s inexperienced Padawan hostage and induced a murderous rage into young Dorv with her evil t’salak, forcing him to attack his own master. A tortured Thorla fended off his Padawan, while Draco threatened to turn the boy to the dark side if Thorla refused to fight. Remorsefully, Thorla finally severed Dorv from life and misery. At that moment, the Twi’lek master snapped and fell to the dark side, racked with guilt over losing another Padawan. He desired to die, but the Imperials denied him this wish. He’s been held in a Universal Energy Cage ever since, meditating on how he lost his way as a Jedi.


DEX 3D+1
Dodge/Run: 9D
Melee: 6D+1 (Lightsaber 7D+1)

KNO 2D+2
Survival/Willpower: 7D+1


Search 5D+2

Climb/Jump: 7D

TEC 2D+1

Force: 3D
Emptiness 5D+2
Lightsaber Combat 5D+2
Sense Force 5D+2
Force of Will 5D+2


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