Tia Organa

Royal Family Member


A member of House Organa, Tia Organa grew up on Alderaan with her brother and sisters. Several years before the Clone Wars began, Organa was set to marry a nobleman of House Vandron. Despite this, Organa had begun having an affair with her brother Prestor Organa’s friend and companion, Halagad Ventor. During the affair, Organa joined her brother and Ventor on a manka cat hunting expedition at the Okonomo Retreat when the mad geneticist Zeta Magnus infiltrated the Retreat building and infected all of the revelers, including Ventor’s parents, with a hive virus. driven mad by the virus, the party-goers were held under a cannibalistic sway and began a mad frenzy of devouring each other before ultimately being consumed by Magnus. When the hunting party received word of the tragedy, Ventor abandoned Organa and left her pregnant and alone. The scandal rocked the political world in Aldera City and the alliance between House Organa and House Vandron came to an end. She later gave birth to a son, whom she named Nial Organa.

Organa has a number of pittins whom she spoiled, treating them like they were her own children. They include All-Terrain Attack Vehicle, Taffy, Winkie, and Fluffy.


Tia Organa

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