Rogue Organa

Royal Family Member


Rouge Organa is a fair-skinned Human female who sports long hair that she keeps bound, as is customary among Alderaanian adults, and adorns her hair with flowers. In the evening, before dinner, she enjoys having servants tending to her hair in front of a gilt-framed mirror in her boudoir. A refined woman born into wealth, Rouge Organa enjoys wearing iridescent Old Republic bronze earrings, a taste she shares with her sisters. By contrast, she despises semi-dry wines, considering them unrefined and only good enough for space-hoppers. A gossipy and proud noblewoman, she overtly despises Palpatine’s Imperial concubines. Rouge Organa values patience, and she tries to inculcate this virtue into her niece. The dowager attaches great importance to etiquette, and she will not hesitate to lecture other people of high-rank about their offspring’s public behavior. She also has a very strict idea of the proper dress code for a self-respecting woman.


Rogue Organa

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