Jahan Cross

Imperial Secret Agent


Jahan Cross, born 33 BBY, was a male Human who served the Galactic Empire as an Imperial Intelligence agent. Growing up during the Clone Wars, Cross lost his mother and younger sister during the Battle of Coruscant. After enrolling in the Imperial Academy as a young man, Cross came into the employment of Armand Isard, director of Imperial Intelligence, and undertook delicate missions otherwise unsuitable for the Imperial Army as an “agent of the Empire”. Cross underwent his missions with a droid companion, IN-GA 44, developed by Alessi Quon, who also developed much of Cross’s arsenal. During a mission to the planet Wayland in 3 BBY, Cross uncovered a plot connecting the rogue Imperial colonel, Milosh Muhrlein, to Rossum Droidworks, a company owned by the thought-to-be-dead pirate, Iaco Stark. After unraveling a large conspiracy surrounding the development of a computer virus codenamed “Iron Eclipse” designed to turn all droids across the galaxy into killing machines, Cross discovered Stark to be alive and well on the gas giant Reltooine, albeit with his head grafted onto a droid body. With the assistance of his old friend from the Academy, Han Solo, Cross defeated Stark and escaped Reltooine, losing IN-GA in the process.


Jahan Cross

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