Count Adan Dooku

Count of Serenno


Adan Dooku was a male Human who served as count of House Dooku. When his father died, Adan was too young to become Count so his mother became the regent of the House Dooku. This position was short-lived; Adan’s uncle, the former Jedi Master Dooku, claimed the title, and he and his mother were forced into self-exile on the planet Alderaan. He lived for many years on the planet, even becoming a good friend of Bail Organa, and returned to Serenno in order to claim his hereditary title only when his uncle was killed during the Clone Wars. Later, Adan had a son named Bron before widowed from his wife Maite. However, Dooku’s appointment as the Count of Serenno conflicted with the interests of rival families, such as the House Borgin.


Count Adan Dooku

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