STAR WARS - Rise of Rebellion

Sabacc Blues

Dawn of Defiance Part 5

Banner is signed up for the Sabacc Tournament and Stephan and Jauhq both signed up to be security at the casino. The tournament is 4 days long with 3 elimination days and a final event.

The buy in at the beginning of the tournament is 10,000 credits, but if a competitor is eliminated on any day but the last they may buy back in for another 10,000 credits. Each gambler can bring 10,000 credits to the table, but if all the participants at the table agree they may bring in additional credits to keep playing.

The team interrogate the Baron and learned he was actually a high ranking member of COMNOR's lead committee and was only ordered to observe the game and watch to ensure the exchange took place. During the tournament the group caught a number of cheaters and people sneaking weapons in and even revealed tampering with some of the droids. Banner managed to win the competition but 3 modified droids and 5 thugs attacked. All the thugs were subdued and the droids disabled before the characters made an escape having learned the blaster gas for slaves exchange was going on outside cloud city.

Stephan and Banner took on the Tie fighters managing to destroy them in a suicidal charge. Spyro and Althea turned back to pick up their escape pod while Thomas and Jauhq took control over the slave ship. Banner and Stephan were dropped on the Gallofree to take control of it and then all the ships fled the system meeting up with the Phoenix Squadron at Ison.

Banner, Jauhq, and Thomas returned to Darlyn Boda where they got friendly with Black Jack, tended their farms, and Banner helped with the slaves and scouted another hidden base (one with a difficulty 34 to detect from above and 3 million tons of industrial metals within the 2 kilometer radius of the 100 meter waterfall).

Stephan, Spyro, Althea, Sirona, and Lady Fioro (who joined after learning Darga was dead) went to the core impersonating an Iperial Envoy from Compnor. As agents they went to various manufacturers placing orders for a top secret project called "keffis" for a new Compforce fleet operating outside the Imperial Navy. At the end of the operation The Baron was killed and left with a false suicide note. There were also notes on a secret fleet, but no information for contacting them.  


Ships Spyro secured in Operation Keffis are all listed with Phoenix Fleet. In addition to starships he procured the following items:

60,000 W-34t Turbolasers (3D/7D starfighter scale)
20,000 Q-Signal Messenger Droids (p. 114 Droids)

34,000 Motion Interface Units (1D worth, up to 3D in one person)
140,000 C1 Comlink (50 km, unscrambled)
20,000 Hush-98 Comlink (100 km, heroic scramble)
70,000 Spacer Chests (hold 100 kg)
120,000 Gear Bag (hold 25 kg)
35,000 Starship Toolkit (no bonus, 10 kg)
28,000 Advanced Starship Toolkit (1D bonus, 25 kg)
2,000 Starship Shop (2D bonus 500 kg)
1,000 Starship Repair Facility (3D bonus, 5 tons)
200 Starfighter Assembly Plant (200 tons)
200 Light Freighter Assembly Plant (200 tons)
200 Medium Freighter Assembly Plant (200 tons)
200 Light Cruiser Assembly Plant (200 tons)
200 Heavy Cruiser Assembly Plant (200 tons)
35,000 Vehicle toolkit (no bonus, 10 kg)
28,000 advanced vehicle tool kit (1D bonus, 25 kg)
2,000 Vehicle Shop (2D bonus, 500 kg)
1,000 Vehicle repair facility (3D bonus, 5 tons)
200 Speeder bike Assembly Plant (200 tons)
200 Landspeeder Assembly Plant (200 tons)
200 Airspeeder Assembly plant (200 tons)
100 Submarine Assembly Plant (200 tons)
100 Sail Barge Assembly Plant (200 tons)
100 Skiff Assembly Plant (200 tons)
100 Speeder Truck Assembly Plant (200 tons)
116,500 Power Prybar
50,000 Q2 Holdout Blaster (3D, 6 shot, 4/8/12)
280,000 Holdout Blaster Power Packs
42,000 ELG-3A Blaster Pistol (4D, 50 shot, 10/30/120)
50,000 Firelance Blaster Rifle (5D, 100 shot, 30/100/300)
560,000 Blaster Power Packs
20,000 Firestorm Minimissile Launcher (5D – 20 meter, 3 shot, 40/120/400)
56,000 Ion Grenade (7D ion – 10 meter, 7/20/40)
42,000 True Site Laser Sights (1D bonus to 30 meters)
1,000 AQ-1 Amphibious Speeder (p. 5 vehicles)
1,000 OP-5 Landspeeder (p. 20 vehicles)
1,000 Resource Recon Speeder (p. 22 vehicles)
1,000 WLZ Groundcoach (p. 24 vehicles)
2,000 HL-38 Hovervan (p. 26 vehicles)
2,000 HS-14 Skiff (p.77 vehicles)
100 Sorosuub A-21 Harvester Factory (items)
2,000 Wanderer Scout Droid (p. 32 Droids)
1,000 12-4C Traffic Control Droid (p. 56-57 Droids)
1,000 Sorosuub XO-35 Speeder Pickup (items)
7,000 Turbolaser II Canister (20 capital blasts)

140,000 Code Cylinders (iff/door code)
20,000 Espionage Droids (p. 50 Droids)
330,000 TS Arach Pest Control Droid (p. 116 Droids)
700,000 Small Subspace Radio (8 hours x1)
210,000 Large Subspace Radio (3 hours x1)

Industrial Automaton:
25,000 R2 Astromech Droid (p. 18 Droids)
5,000 R3 Astromech Droid (p. 19 Droids)
3,000 R4 Astromech Droid (p. 19 Droids)
14,000 System Operator Astromech (p. 21 Droids)
10,000 2-1B Medical Droid (p. 13 Droids)
3,000 MD-0 Medical Droid (Diagnostics 10D)
3,000 MD-1 Medical Droid (Antibiotic/Antidote 10D)
3,000 MD-2 Medical Droid (Anesthesia 10D)
3,000 MD-3 Medical Droid (Pharmaceuticals 10D)
3,000 MD-4 Medical Droid (Microsurgery 10D)
3,000 MD-5 Medical Droid (p. 13 Droids)
5,000 PG-5 Gunnery Droid (p. 17 Droids)
5,000 V-1 Pilot Droid (p. 21 Droids)
10,000 SE4 Servant Droid (p. 52 Droids)
10,000 C-2V9 Cargo Droid (p. 104 Droids)
10,000 MEMD-2 Mining Droid (p. 107 Droids)
500 Elegance Droid (p. 114 Droids)
10,000 SN-D1 Service Droid (items)

Monetary Note;
Much of the money taken in Operation Keffis has been earmarked to pay wages for the next year giving all members of Phoenix Fleet a salary of 100 credits per month for enlisted and 200 credits per month for officers (assuming officers are about 10% of the personnel). These aren’t high wages, but do give the rebels working in Phoenix Fleet some pocket money when in a friendly port.

Each member whether an officer or enlisted was also given a 1 time bonus of 500 credits after Operation Keffis was resolved.

Player characters will be given the rank of Captain in the Phoenix Fleet.

Sabacc Blues

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