STAR WARS - Rise of Rebellion

First to Strike (Part 4)

Dawn of Defiance Part 10

The ground battle has been won but the team is now faced with the knowledge that the system has at least 2 remaining star destroyers and there was an active sector fleet somewhere nearby. The group has control of the ion minefield around the planet which would be effective against anything moving into orbital bombardment range, but could be slowly blasted apart by turbolasers at range or a determined tie fighter assault.

The team has the Liberator (a Corellian Corvette) and there are 11 bulk freighters, 2 medium transports, and 2 light freighters at the starport. The last they knew there was one Imperial Star Destroyer and one Victory Star Destroyer left in the system.

Currently the Rebel Base is at Dantooine along with the ships Salvager and Precursor while the fleet is in hiding. The group doesn't have communications range to reach either location by radio (although a specific individual might be reached by telepathy).

The Corvette successfully destroyed the Victory Star Destroyer, but the ISD left the system before being attacked. It took 4 days for the team to relocate 2/5 of the ion mines to the jump point. They made arrangements to acquire the crystal territory and set up local liaisons to run their business interests on the planet.

It was learned Project Sarlac is run from a COMPNOR facility on Coruscant but not the specific facility.            



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