STAR WARS - Rise of Rebellion

Echoes of the Jedi

Dawn of Defiance Part 6


2 Years before the Battle of Yavin the team working for Bail Organa through Phoenix Squadron have acquired a fleet of ships and military equipment. Such a huge increase in combat assets instills a sense of urgency in the resistance movement and they make moves to meet on Corellia and make a formal declaration of rebellion.

The Newly dubbed Phoenix Fleet is then asked to proceed to Dak, stopping along the way to pick up refugees, especially those displaced from Bestine IV. Along the way the Vlakas Viaios will be asked to undertake a side-trek to prevent the Empire from recovering a Sith Holocron hidden in a ruined Jedi Temple on Almas (if the characters use a fast ship they will be able to cross the galaxy three times faster than the fleet since it is limited by the slowest ships).

Characters can spend up to 3 more days at Darlyn Boda if they feel the previous session didn't get them any specific items they want to look for (or arrange new insurance plans on their Darlyn Boda property). After that they will be off to Almas (j-18 to p-14) 18 days at x1 following the major trade routes (dif-10) using the booster they made it at x1 with no incidents.

Arriving at Almas they were boarded by pirates and forced their way onto the pirate ship tangling the pirates and then had them frozen in carbonite. Two pirate Z-95s were threatened into surrendering.

On the planet they encountered Squib and Ugor fighting over a droid, but after fighting off a group of dark-side lizards the Ugor and Squibs decided to join the characters who seemed much more powerful and capable.

The party went into the temple finding a secret passage down into the lower levels, but upon encountering some Defel used a powerful explosive causing the temple to collapse. A couple had to use force points to escape.

Clearing the rubble they discovered the remains of a couple dark jedi and the holocron although it was smashed beyond use. They elected to destroy the dark side temple on the planet as well and continue clearing the light side temple. An Imperial shuttle was shot down trying to escape and a K'Keyeh Dragon (200 meters long – 6D starfighter scale) broke through the remaining rubble and consumed 2 ugor and 1 squib before having an attack defelected by Althea and being brought down by a combination of laser, turbolaser, and missile fire after which it fell upon Stephan who survived the impact.

In the rubble they discovered Vhiin'Thorla still alive and trapped in a Universal Energy Cage (now installed on the Liberator). He was severely beaten, and more severely without hope having lost 2 padawans and questioning his ability to be a Jedi.    

A messenger droid was sent to tell the fleet they were delayed and would meet up with them later (at Mon Calamari/Dac/Mon Cal). As the characters finished the excavation and processing on Almas they are contacted by Han Solo and Land Calrisian who are looking for independents willing to help a conglomerate of Smugglers defens Nar Shadda from an Imperial blockade (16 days at x1 or 32 at x2). 





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