STAR WARS - Rise of Rebellion

Core of Corruption

Dawn of Defiance Part 11

From the Imperial Files the characters have learned Sarlacc Project is being run by COMPNOR somewhere on Coruscant, although Coruscant it quite large.

The team is started on Mantooine and went to Dantooine to contact the rebels as well as meet up with their supply vessels on Cantooine. They took a Vangaurd ship with members disguised as Boba Fett, 3PX, and a pair of Anzat assassins. They surveyed the tower looking for options to get in and finally settled into breaking in through the tubolift system. They came out in a detention block and attempted to rescue a duros, but he was killed in the ensuing firefight. They escaped with some data as the tower was destroyed and left still in disguise the crashed the ship setting up an accident in case Boba Fett or the others came looking for the imposters.

They spent time recuperating on Darlyn Boda and made arrangements to get a Grothis Skydiver with no transponder registry and have it stealthed at a pirate port (about a 1 million credit job, 500,000 to 3,000,000 depending on negotiations). The team took 500,000 from BD-34 which had 1,000,000 credits and is the last stash of real cash the team had access to (they have 11,100,000 in counterfeit but spending it could cause problems if the true nature was revealed).         



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